Tycho Schottelius



  • Desmond Denker

    all information about me as a producer for electronic music. the webpage itself is to demonstrate how to use css-grid across rectangular design.

  • The Nest

    official website with all information about my mind-bending music-group. the webpage itself is to demonstrate a slick and focused web-design.

  • Distanzplatten

    this links to the bandcamp-page of my music-label. if you are a bandcamp user, please follow.


  • Soundsystem Name Generator

    find your individual reggae-soundsystem name in this vanilla JavaScript project.

  • Random Color Selector

    select a number of randomly colored fields and click on fields to show hex-code. a dynamic approach to css-grid.

  • SVG Animations

    exploration of the possibilities of svg-animations in small ongoing projects.